Sunday May 1st 2022 was our 8th annual planting of the Trees of Remembrance. It was a very beautiful and special day with many families joining us in the McAlpine Forever Forest to plant a tree in memory of their loved one. Every year Hillcrest Funeral Home donates a tree for every person who has passed away. Others also purchase trees in memory of their loved ones, trees in memory of furry friends and also trees of celebration. Many people shared with us that by gathering together on this day made them feel less alone in their grief. We want to thank you all for joining us and we also thank our wonderful team of volunteers who are a great support to us every year. A special thank you as always to Samme and the late great Phil Arber. Thank you to Sproule Powerline for their yearly donation of mulch. It was a very special day that will be remembered by many. 


TREES OF REMEMBRANCE                                  

Planting  a "Tree of Remembrance" is a meaningful expression of caring and love.  Every May Hillcrest Funeral Home and their community volunteers work together to plant trees  adjacent to   "The Prescott and Russell Recreation Trail"  in Champlain Township it the McAlpine Forever Forest . We have planted over 600 trees of various species. The date of our 2021-2022 planting will be published soon. 

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