Our No-Pressure Promise

At Hillcrest Funeral Home, we understand the importance of making decisions without feeling pressured. Our commitment to you is a no-pressure environment, where you can explore options at your own pace.

Respect for Your Process

We recognize that every decision made during times of loss is significant. That's why we pledge to provide guidance and support without imposing any undue pressure. Your comfort and peace of mind are our priority.

Guidance on Your Terms

When you entrust us with your needs, we assure you a respectful and empathetic approach. Our team is here to offer assistance and information, allowing you to navigate arrangements with clarity and confidence.

Your Well-Being Matters

We value your emotional well-being above all else. Rest assured, our commitment to you is grounded in integrity and understanding. We're here to serve you with compassion and without any added stress. At Hillcrest Funeral Home, integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do. You can trust us to honour your wishes and provide guidance with the utmost respect for your individual preferences and needs.

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TREES OF REMEMBRANCE                                  

 Tree of Remembrance "A Symbol of Caring and Love"

Planting a "Tree of Remembrance" serves as a poignant expression of love and care for those who have passed away. At Hillcrest Funeral Home, we honour each individual by planting a tree in their memory.

Every May, in collaboration with our dedicated community volunteers, we come together to plant trees adjacent to "The Prescott and Russell Recreation Trail" in Champlain Township, within the McAlpine Forever Forest. To date, we have planted over 700 trees of various species, creating a lasting tribute to those we have lost.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the date for our 2023-2024 planting. For more information, please visit our Trees of Remembrance page.

For more information please visit Trees of Remembrance.