These are changing times that require us to change how we support you.

We are all experiencing loss. It could be loss of a spouse, a partner, a parent, sister or brother. Right now it could be compounded by the loss of a job we loved, being separated from family, living alone in self isolation or just the many overwhelming changes that are taking place every day. Whatever the loss might be, Hillcrest Funeral  Home and Nancy Galway, are working together to offer a compassionate and supportive online group-counselling sessions for members of our community.

Dates: The current session has started but please register for the next session and we will ad your name to the waiting list and keep up updated

Location:  Your home through Zoom meeting (don’t worry we will help you)   

Cost: All costs will be covered by Hillcrest Funeral Home                                                                                                            

 Nancy has been in the helping profession for 30 years.  She has extensive training in grief counselling, individuals struggling with grief issues as well as trauma. Nancy is a clinical and community social worker, grief counsellor and yoga teacher/mindfulness practitioner. She named her business DARA after a Celtic word that evolved over the years to mean 'oak tree'. The oak tree is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and endurance. The oak tree is grounded and tied to the earth with its vast roots that keep it balanced always. Nancy’s goal is to bring this feeling of resilience to those living with grief. 

If you would like more information or are interested in participating in our  "Healing Through Grief" sessions, please contact Lisa Henderson at Hillcrest Funeral Home 613 678 2002 or email info@hillcrestfuneralhome.ca to register for this session.




                                                                                                                                     Planting  a "Tree of Remembrance" is a meaningful expression of caring and love.                                                                                                                           Every May Hillcrest Funeral Home and their community volunteers work together to plant trees  adjacent to The Prescott and Russell Recreation Trail  in Champlain Township it the McAlpine Forever Forest . To date we have planted over 600 trees of various species.

A personalized card, keepsake certificate and tree charm with an acknowledgment of who planted the tree will be sent to you or, on your behalf, to a person or family of your choice.​

The name of the individual or family whom the tree is being planted for will be permanently listed on the  "Trees of Remembrance" website  and your name and personal message will also be displayed.​