Our Home

We have worked incredibly hard and much effort has been put into the thought and layout of Hillcrest Funeral Home. We invite you to visit our town of Vankleek Hill and our funeral home anytime as the door is always open and the coffee is always on.  If you are unable to visit but would like to take a virtual tour or look at photos you can have a look at our facilities here and see for yourself how we try to make our home feel like your home.

For the virtual tour below just watch the video and it will move from room to room, If you would like to see a specific room place  your cursor on any off the dots you see on the floor plan and that will give you a tour of that specific room. Remember to click on the tabs at the top to take you to the private family lounge upstairs.

If you would like to see photos please select the gallery section located just underneath the tour. If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us.