Estate Aftercare

We can help you with estates. We believe that you are entitled to get every benefit available. Being appointed an executor is a big responsibility and can be a very overwhelming task . This is where our expertise and resources come in.   We will  guide you and your family through what comes next. Cheryl Courtemanche joined the Hillcrest team over five years ago, bringing with her an extensive estate experience from the banking world. Between Lisa and Cheryl they have assisted over 600 families and executors navigate complicated estates.

Cheryl will first do a preliminary telephone meeting  meet with you, get everything organized and prepared for you to meet with us at your estate in person meeting or we have the ability to do all forms by docusign.

We get you organized for the professionals you may need to see ie: Financial Advisors, Bankers, Lawyers, Insurance Brokers etc.

Please see below a list of what we can handle for you. If you think of something that isn't on the list no worries we can look after that also.

Application of the CPP/ Retraite Quebec Lump Sum Death Benefit
Application of the Survivors Benefit
Application of the Children’s Benefit
Application of the OAS Survivors Bridge Loan (if applicable)
 Application of the deceased Life Insurance, including change of beneficiaries on other policies.
Informing Revenue Canada, sending the will to them  and stopping the Trillium Grant, GST/HST and Gains.
Informing Elections Canada and removing them from the voters list
Cancelling the Passport/OHIP/ Drivers Licence and Parking Permits and Applying for any refunds.
Notating the Social Insurance Number
​Veterans Affairs 
WSIB- we work directly with WSIP to get any benefits applicable 
 Cancelling any extended Health Care Coverage
Home and Auto Insurance
Canada Post
Cancelling credit cards and apply to have reward points transferred.
Cancelling household accounts. IE; Hydro, Enbridge, and cell phones.
Cancelling the Firearms Licence.
Applying for marriage certificates and long form death certificates (when needed)

Applying and or stopping any foreign pensions