When Death Occurs

If a death has just occured please call 613 678 2002. At Hillcrest Funeral Home we  answers our phones 24 hours a day , if not answered  please leave a simple message with your name and phone number we will call you back immediately.

Whether a death is sudden or expected, the loss of a loved one is indescribable. When you are in a heightened emotional state, even the most basic decisions can seem staggering. This section seeks to guide you through the immediate hours following a passing.

Death Outside of Hospice Care

If the person was not under hospice care, the police need to be notified immediately.
The police will be dispatched to the home and contact the coroner/medical examiner.
The coroner/medical examiner will take charge and determine if further action is necessary.
The body cannot be moved until released by the coroner/medical examiner.

Death in a Care Facility (Hospital/Nursing Home/Hospice)

The staff of the care facility will notify you and the necessary authorities immediately.
If a funeral home has been provided to the facility, they will be informed.
If you're present, the funeral director may ask about the deceased's wishes and arrange a meeting.
If not present, the funeral director will contact you by telephone to discuss arrangements.

Informing a Funeral Director

When a loved one passes away, one of the first steps is to contact a licensed funeral director. At Hillcrest Funeral Home we understand the importance of this moment, and we're here to guide you through the process with care and compassion.

During our meeting, we'll assist you in gathering the necessary information for the death certificate. This includes details such as:

Full Name and Address
Marital Status
Date and City of Birth
Highest Level of Education
Parental Information
Spouse's Name (if applicable)
Occupation and Employer

At Hillcrest Funeral Home we believe in honouring the unique life of your loved one. We'll work closely with you to personalize the meaningful goodbye. Did they have a favourite sports team? A beloved type of music? Were they known for a particular hobby or activity? Sharing these memories allows us to create a meaningful tribute that celebrates their life.

Thank you for considering Hillcrest Funeral Home during this challenging time. We're here to support you every step of the way.