As the situation with Covid-19 continuously changes and we are monitoring Canada’s Public Health website, the EOHU website and The BAO website, attending every webinar that is offered by the Ontario Funeral Association and then implementing any changes in regards to precautions that we are taking here at the funeral home to keep the families we serve and our staff safe.

Anyone who does enter the funeral home to attend  a funeral must sign in and answer a health questionnaire that will be supplied by Hillcrest Funeral Home. In keeping with the EOHU we must remind members of the public not to attend any funerals in the funeral home or at the cemetery if you have traveled outside of the country in the last two weeks, have any symptoms of Covid 19 or just don’t feel well.

How do we make Funeral Arrangements?

We will work with the family to adapt a solution that works best for you. We are making every attempt to serve our families remotely using phone, fax, email, Zoom Meeting, Docusign and any other mode of communication that you are comfortable with.  If this does not work for please let us know. If required, we will make an appointment for you to visit the funeral home.

Can we have a funeral service ?

A funeral services can occur but the gathering inside the funeral home is limited to  30 percent capacity , which represents 14 individuals (including clergy. At a church or hall we are also  limited to 30 percent capacity and that can fluctuate greatly. For outdoor gatherings at a cemetery we can have a max of 100 individuals (including clergy) . We understand that this is upsetting and goes against everything that we know is important for grieving. We will work with you to find ways to help you and your family. We offer the option to Livestream  the services and can record the service also . This is a way to be able to include more family members and friends who are unable to attend due to current restrictions. 

Can Cremations and Burials take place?

Cremations and burials may take place.

Our Facilities

During this time our doors are open but please call to make an appointment with us to better serve you and also to be as safe as possible. Mark , Lisa  and Cheryl are at the Funeral Home and we are still answering our phones and our emails 24 hours a day.  If you need to come to the funeral home we will schedule a time for you and know that all surfaces are clean befor and after your visit.

Please know that you are not alone. These very difficult restrictions will have an effect on the way we honour those we’ve lost but we are committed to helping you and your family to the best of our ability.  

As always, this is a fluid situation that is changing everyday and we will continue to update you. We thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigated this together.

Mark and Lisa Henderson