151 Bond Street
P.O. Box 323
Vankleek Hill, ON K0B 1R0
Phone: (613) 678-2002 or (866) 678-2001
Fax: (613) 678-2045


As a convenience to our community we have included a listing of many of the local churches in our area. A growing number of churches are starting to publish their own web sites to allow visitors to learn more about their clergy, congregation and many other features and services of the church. The links are listed below.

 Chute a Blondeau

Saint Jochaim's  

1988 Main Chute a Blondeau K0B 1B0
Phone: 613-632-6186
Fax: 613-632-6136
Contact: Edmond Lachine


Breadalbane Baptist Church  

Breadalbane Rd. Dalkeith ON K0B 1E0
Phone: 613-360-3496
Alternate Phone: 613-525-2073
Email: bbchurch@bell.net
Contact: Rev. Bruce MacCallum


St ColumbaPresbyterian Church  

20950 Laggan-glenelg Dalkieth K0B1E0
Phone: 613-678-2464
Email: revjulia@sympatico.ca



470, Principale St. East Hawkesbury ON K6A 1A9
Phone: 613-632-8661
Fax: 613-632-2254
Contact: Father Francois Kibwenge
Contact: Father Jonathan Blake
Assension de Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ  

429 rue Marie Hawkesbury ON K6A 2C8
Phone: 613-632-6858
Alternate Phone: 613-678-0179
Contact: Pastor James Tang
St. Judes Catholic Church  

372 Genevive St. Hawkesbury ON K6A 2M1
Phone: 613-632-2464
Fax: 613-632-5484
Contact: Office:Betty
Contact: Father Kennedy
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church  

166 John St. Hawkesbury ON K6A 1X9
Phone: 613-678-2464
Website: http://www.stpaulshawkesbury.ca
Contact: Rev. James Douglas

 Kirk Hill

KirkHill United Church  

Laggan-Glenelg Rd. Kirk Hill ON
Phone: 613-678-5499
Contact: Rev Julia Douglas

 Saint Bernadin

Saint Bernadin Church  

119 rue del'Eglise Saint Bernadin K0B 1N0
Phone: 613-678-2610
Contact: Father Gilles Marcil


Saint-Eugène Church  

C.P. 70, 1180 Rue Labrosse Saint-Eugène K0B 1P0
Phone: 613-678-2610
Fax: 613-674-2596
Contact: Father Gilles Marcil

 Vankleek Hill

Cassburn United Church  

Cassburn Rd. Vankleek Hill ON K0B 1K0
Phone: 613-678-5499
Contact: Phylis Detrick
Knox Presbyterian Church  

29 High St. Vankleek Hill ON K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-2464
Website: http://www.knoxvkh.ca
Contact: Rev. James Douglaas
Seventh Day Adventist  

Highway#34 Vankleek Hill ON K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-6616
St. Gregoire Catholic Church  

137 Higginson St. Vankleek Hill ON K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-2610
Contact: Father Gilles Marcil
St. John's Anglican Church  

5845 Autoroute 34 Vankleek Hill ON K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-2444
Website: http://www.vkh.ca
Contact: Rev. Dana Johnson
Trinity United Church  

14 Mill St. Vankleek Hill ON K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-5499
Contact: Rev. Phyllis Dietrich
Vankleek Hill Baptist Church  

156 Main St East Vankleek Hill ON K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-3084
Website: http://www.vkhbc.com
Contact: Joshua Wilson