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Grief Support

People deal with grief in their own ways and in their own time.  There is no way to avoid the grief that floods us when we have experienced a major loss.  It is a journey that you have to take but remember you are never taking that journey alone. Most important in the grieving process is keeping the lines of communication open.  Understand that sharing your emotions and feelings with others will help you on your path to healing.  Let others lend you their strength and courage until yours finds their way back to you.

There are many different forms of support.  Find one that you are comfortable with and gives you the guidance and tools you need to help you cope.

Listed below are some resources that may be of help to you.

Support Groups and Websites
My Grief
Bereaved Families
Genesis Resources
Perinatal Bereavement Services of Ontario

Books Available at Hillcrest

  • We will be happy to lend out any of the following resources at any time.
  • How to reach out for Help when you are Grieving
  • Sarah's Journey
  • Bereaved Children and Teens
  • The Journey Through Grief Reflections
  • Afterloss- Barbara LesStrong
  • Chicken Soup for The Grieving Soul
  • Healing the Grieving Heart
  • The Caregiver Book
  • One you love is dying
  • What will help me?/How can I help?

Grieving is work. It takes time, energy and effort to work through grief. Be patient with yourself and give yourself lots of time. Grief is a transition...from what life once was to a new life that is just beginning.

My Grief
Everyone’s grief is different. You may find certain topics and sections speak more strongly to you at different times as you move through grief and your needs change. There are nine sections to choose from; each includes text and video clips. You may wish to review certain specific topics only, or you may prefer to work through the entire content of MyGrief.ca, section by section. You can use MyGrief.ca as many or as few times as you need: decide what works best for you.
Grief Counselling “Healing Through Grief"
Hillcrest Funeral Home and Registered Psychotherapist, Jessica Courville, are working together to offer compassionate and supportive "Healing Through Grief" group-counselling sessions for members of the Vankleek Hill community and surrounding regions.
The Grieving Process
The loss of a loved one, you could say, wounds us deeply. Whether you are helping yourself heal or a friend or child, this section will be helpful for you.
When Your Parent Dies
The emotional response to the passing of a parent can be surprisingly complex. To help in grieving what is, for many people, a major loss; we offer insights gleaned from our personal and professional experience as well as specific bereavement guidelines you may follow.
Accepting a Loss
The experience of loss is an inevitable part of our lives, and each provokes grief. Accepting a loss, a goal in healthy grieving, essentially involves the awareness of this inescapable truth. Read this to learn more about loss and the importance of acceptance.
Children's Corner
How much should you tell a child about the passing of a family member? How should you explain death, and how involved should children be in the planning of a loved one's funeral? Get insights and answers from our experts in our Children's Corner.