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Why Plan Ahead?

You have just taken the first step towards pre-arranging your funeral. You have made the decision to educate yourself about pre-arranging your funeral. We plan almost every important aspect of our lives. Where to go to school, when we get married, where we live, financial decisions and many other aspects of our day to day lives. It is the natural and kind thing to do by pre-planning your funeral.
Funeral Pre-Arrangement Process
The funeral pre-arrangement process is not complicated: Consider your options, discuss them with family, and record your wishes for us to follow in the future.
Why People Choose to Plan Ahead
If you asked 25 people why they chose to pre-plan, you'll hear 25 different answers. We have helped many people with plan a "Meaningful Goodbye". Learn more about the reasons behind their decisions.
Pre-Arrange Online
Our online pre-need funeral planning tool makes pre-planning easier. Your own personal login allows you to return to your plan and make changes at any time.
Record Your Wishes
What is the #1 reason people choose to pre-plan their funeral? It's the responsible thing to do. Here, you'll learn the nine other top reasons for pre-planning a funeral.